Protector-Cover keeps your boat clean without toxic or unfit antifouling paint.


What is Protector-Cover?

The patented Protector-Cover is a new antifouling system to protect your boat hull from sea life and marine  growth. It is a double laminated cover, which you easily attach to the dock or any other type of mooring. Just steer up the boat onto the cover and the environment between the hull and cover will keep your boat clean continuously for the whole season.

Note! Sea life and marine growth on a boat hull only takes place at mooring. Not when a boat is in use.  


This is how it works.

Simply lay the Protector-Cover in the water and attach it to the boom, poles or anchor alongside or end on to the jetty. It has an even density less than water which, first of all, means it floats. Even more important is that every spot of the cover is floating towards the hull. The cover will therefore mould itself to the hull. This stops the water flow around the hull and eliminates light.

Thus you create an environment between the hull and the cover that prevents all fouling by barnacles, algae, molluscs, etc. in a completely non-toxic way.



The Protector-Cover prevents light to shine through and eliminates the exchange of water around the hull.

That causes darkness, stops the nursing and the oxygen refill for the sea barnacles and others.

They will no longer get light. They will no longer be fed by the micro organisms in the water. They will no longer get sufficient with oxygen.

Thus preventing barnacles and others to grow on the hull. The hull will be kept clean!


Some real benefits with Protector-Cover are:

A clean hull saves fuel. Speed is maintained during the whole season. Hull painting is not needed. Saves money and a great amount of work. Since no chemicals are used this also preserves the environment.


The Protector-Cover is designed for planing motorboats and RIBs, with outboard motors or sterndrive.  



Cleanboatprotector AB is a Swedish company that develops simple environmental friendly solutions for the boat market.